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Grupo Estrella offers unsecured personal loans. Which means you DON’T have to put down any collateral like a car. All you need is to be over 18 have a job and apply.


You need 1) A selfie 2) Proof of address 3) Front and back of ID 4) Paystubs(not required if you have direct deposit) 5) Two most recent monthly bank statements(not required if you don’t have a bank)


If you sign your contract in our store we have options that can allow you to gain access to the money the SAME DAY.


Our smallest loan amount is $300 and our highest is $5,000.




The best thing to do is come to one of our locations to sign your contract. If you live too far away from our location or are unable to travel give us a call at (833)346-3700 and we would love to assist you.


Of course this is your decision and there are times we offer borrowers more than they requested but establishing credit history and, hopefully, growing your loan balances is positive.