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Referral Promotion

If you are a Grupo Estrella customer, you can earn up to $100.

How does the promotion work?

  • For each person you refer, you can earn $20.
  • The referral must fill out their application and give us the name and cell phone number of the person who referred them. (It needs to match what we have on file)
  • If the referral is approved and funded, you will have won $20.
  • We will contact the person who referred us to notify them that they won a check for $20

*Important, to win $20 the referral must have been funded, otherwise the promotion is not valid.

Terms and Conditions of the Referral Promotion

  • Promotion Valid only Texas
  • Promotion Valid only for current Grupo Estrella customers.
  • To participate in the “Referral” promotion, The Grupo Estrella customer must NOT have delays in their payments.
  • The referral must be 18 years old and over.
  • To win a check of $20, the referral must be approved and funded.
  • The Grupo Estrella customer may only refer a maximum of 5 people to whom the loan funds have been funded. That is, you can earn a maximum of $100.
  • Referral must come to the branch to pick up the check, it must be the individual who has the loan with us and present valid identification.
  • Referrals have 30 days expiration on the check pick up.

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